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Meu Nextel

App for Nextel clients to see internet consumption, pay account, send bills to email, receive bonus and promotions.

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Check the case page at HummingBird

Bike Ajuda

App free that provides a biker to biker helping service, so a biker can ask for help if him or her have problems while enjoying the day. In its final touches before launching on Google Play.

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A Instagram for models. Models can find jobs here and companies can post jobs, everything inside the app.

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App for Starbucks clients to order and pay digitally, it also includes Rewards program display.

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Pão de Açúcar Mais

App for the subscribed clients of the Mais program from Pão de Açúcar retailer.

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Personalized app version of online e-commerce for PontoFrio store.

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Extra's tailor made mobile store.

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One of the most iconic brazilian retailers has it store gone mobile.

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24 horas

Das Dad and amazing watch that read the news, user's agenda, friend's birthdays, local traffic and weather using a pleasant voice. Unfortunately it is a discontinued product.

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Oi Moda

Oi Moda was built for 2011 Fashion Week season and features news live feed, live streaming, lineup schedule, lookbook gallery and sharing on twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Besides that it has a gorgeous look and feel.


FLIP stands for Paraty International Literary Festival. This project was custom made for FLIP and contains sharing (Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook), map kit, event schedule, art gallery and marketing video features.

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Vitor Navarro

Team Leader, Software Developer, Speaker, Teacher, Writter

Personal profile

  • Technology enthusiast.
  • Talking about psychology, sociology, comics, movies, games and some other things, let's talk!
  • Book lover.
  • Also love video games and board games.
  • Be with other people, did I mention I like to chat?
  • Not a sports fan, but hey I do like bike, squash, swimming and basketball.
  • Almost forgot Skydiving, hell yeah!
  • Writing: tech posts, life subjects and my own fantasy histories.
  • I do some digital art, getting better at it through.
  • Game jammer, i.e. participate in game creation events, I love game making

Professional profile

  • Bachelor in Computer Science and specialized in Games: Production and Development.
  • Delivered and delivering software as a Team Leader in collaborative culture companies.
  • Delivered many kinds of software with different technologies since 2007. Like: intranet, desktop, back-end apps, mobile apps and games.
  • Improving myself in software business through technology, design and business training outside of my work. There is always room for improvement, there is no finish line in this aspect for me.
  • Improved as a technical writer since 2008.
  • Teached how to build mobile games and how does game engines work in game development university course.

What others talk about me

Navarro is a serious professional, committed, with a great capacity for abstraction and concentration. He has a quick learning curve which allows him to act as a pivot in the teams of which he is part. He holds an unique style, always willing to help his teammates.
Furthermore, as a computer scientist he shows a taste for research on issues related to game development and game psychology.
Certainly a very promising professional whom I highly recommend it.

Pedro Anisio Silva
CTO at

Vitor was a very diligent student, I was his teacher in object oriented programming discipline during 3rd semester of college. I emphasize that he presented fairly rapid evolution during the course, he surely is engaged and has a great ability to learn and adapt to new technologies. I also remember he had great relationship skills with both their colleagues and teachers.

Fabio Roberto de Miranda
Adjunct Professor at Insper

I have worked with Navarro before in projects using iOS and Ruby and he is a spectacular developer, specially with iOS. Always assuring the code have automated tests and following good practices, he was one of the most responsible devs in our team. He is also passionate for what he does and is always studying or trying something new for self improvement. Basically, he has what I always try to find in job candidates for my team.

Leonardo M Ribeiro
DevOps at AutoSeg

Contact Me


Currently available for remote work and freelancing, contact me for more information.

By the way, I'm currently based at São Paulo, Brazil.

Reach me at

I'll be glad to hear from you.