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As a person that like to expand my knowledge I look for different areas which can bring more into my life and job.

To your surprise, or not, I like Self-improvement design and UX, they are both fun and useful in software development and for some of you the subject we are going to quickly initiate here is around some time by now: Material Design1.

Material Design is Google take on a visual language to elevate design to a new level.

“Goal - Create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” Google

Was there problems with the way we did design before? I really don’t think so, yet we can benefit from innovation on the current status quo.

And, although I’m not a designer, is important to us to understand our surroundings in the technology we create so our future and current products become better. In that way we should try to discover new ways of leverage the best user experience and Material Design is a interesting concept on how to achieve that improvement.

That being said, here is a video from Google talking about what is Material Design.

As a bônus, if you like Angular2, check Angular Material which is an implementation of Material Design specs.