Se você me perguntasse eu talvez lhe dissesse

Ela e tu

A noite anunciava sua chegada mudando os tons do céu em mesclas de azul, laranja e escuridão.

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Podcasts favoritos: 2022

Curadoria de conteúdo ajuda a salvar nosso tempo de passar por um monte de porcaria que as pessoas colocam na internet, fora coisas que só não são do nosso gosto. E como já fui perguntado infinitas vezes quais podcasts estou escutando, decide então começar a mandar meu listão da vez.

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[QuickTips] Uma forma de simplificar temas nos seus Apps

Não é incomum criar aplicativos que são muito similares ou até trabalhar em alguns que aplicam diferentes layouts, seja por razões de adaptação cultural, acessibilidade, tema escuro/claro, etc. Não importando a razão, você estaria criando mecanismos para permitir seu app mudar rapidamente entre esses layouts e um codigo bem arquitetado pode ser a diferença entre o sucesso e refatorações subsequentes, ou até pior, um lixo completo de código que alguém irá questionar “podemos jogar isso fora e começar novamente?”.

[QuickTips] One way to simplify theming your Apps

Is not uncommon to create apps that are similar or even work in apps that apply different layouts, be the reason cultural adaptation, accessibility, dark vs light theme, etc. No matter the reason you would be creating mechanisms for allowing your app to quickly changing between layouts, a well-architected code may be the difference between success and subsequent refactoring or even worse total garbage code that someone will question “may we drop this and start anew?”.

CPI da COVID é meu BBB

Pipoca quentinha, amendoim japonês, ou aquele bolinho de jaca, escolha seu salgado pra beliscar e sintonize na TV Senado às 9 am. É, quase, assim que tenho começado minhas manhãs desde a semana do dia 4 de maio de 2021.

Leituras recomendadas: Persépolis

Se tem um gosto que herdei de meu pai que acho muito saudável é a vontade de consumir avidamente boas revistas em quadrinhos, as famigeradas HQs. Comecei com seleções que vieram de fora, principalmente: Batman, Super e Homem X-Men. E somando a essas a infância tem aquele gostinho de Turma da Mônica, Tio Patinhas, Zeca Carioca e Pato Donald.

Leituras recomendadas: Políticas do Design

Pode ser fácil não nos darmos conta do tanto que as produções humanas influenciam toda a sociedade ao seu redor e até ao redor do mundo todo, mesmo quando criadas em um povoado minúsculo no meio de uma ilha remota.

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[QuickTips] List your keystore contents

This is one is a blazing fast tip, did you ever stumble in a .jks (keystore) file from a client while trying to submit to Google Play that precious app you just finished? Well sometimes, or always…. who knows, your client simply does not have the alias name and has a list of possible passwords.

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[Quick tip] A guide is always good when working remotely

The title speaks truthfully, remote work is good but ain’t easy as people are used to thinking. Most of the current companies don’t know how to deal with it and some of them even spread horrible lies difficulting the adoption of this wonderful working style.

[Quick tip] Git ignore

Configure properly .gitignore for each project can be a huge problematic job, even more when messed up he comes back to bite us.

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[QuickTips] Check UDP port availability in Android

This time I stumble upon a very unusual problem, at least for me, UDP ports collision. A open source library that I used didn’t garantee that two different apps using that same library would have different UDP ports, so when I installed two of my prototypes one of them didn’t worked properly and unfortunately the library didn’t told me that was the problem it gave me a completely generic error.

[Be a better pro] Taking notes

Take notes is harder than it looks, the problem is not in the action of taking notes itself, but in making actual useful notes, that once back to them you understand whatever was the thing in need to be remembered later.

[Be a better pro] Code Quality Journey

Quality is something we all look for in the “shelves” today, be it physical or digital. The best television, the best car, the best clothes, the best education, the best trip, the best book, simply the best “put the name here”, we can even go further and talk about the best experiences and feelings.

[Be a better pro] Not code monkeys

The way we do things in our jobs or while working in pet/open source projects have an impact we tend to ignore or overlook.

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[QuickTips] Turn guide lines in your Android device

Launching applications nowadays require, amongst other things, excellent user experience with awesome visuals, and being a programmer is not only taking care of making code but also caring for whatever one can do to improve those two items.

[Be a better pro] Communication

In the search of the path to be a better pro, we often forget that our careers shall not only be built on technical skills.

[A programmer’s journey] Rust quest - day 3

Continuing our journey through these exciting lands of Rust we’re going to unveil variable binding (one can think as it being almost the same thing as normal variables).

[A programmer’s journey] Rust quest - day 1

I always loved to learn, I was raised that way, instigated to pursue curiosity and knowledge because it is indeed fun to do it. Now as a programmer I have some urge from time to time to meet new languages, and this is the turn for Rust. It’s not the first time I do this so I’ll try to do something new, that is why you’re reading this. Yup I’m building a devlog to guide others during my journey.

[DevTools] Logging on OSX/iOS with CocoaLumberjack

It’s not uncommon that a developer has a stack of tools, in fact is quite common to see multiple stacks of choice for each different set of technologies.
I find it to be curious that we aren’t used to share and discuss the whole stack, from our machine, through the programming language, to the server configuration, there are lots of handful decisions, tricks, new tools, and all sort of hidden knowledge locked in the dark corners of our heads.

[DevTools] Online Project Collaboration

From time to time friends keep asking me the same question: Which is the best project management tool you know?
First of all there is no such a thing as the best tool ever to solve a given problem, there are tools and there are problems and we should stick with the stack that solves them.
That said I’d like to share some tools I use or would use.

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