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Welcome to my site 4th generation, yep it went through four huge changes to get here. 1st gen was my ASP.NET site when I was really focused on .NET front and backend ecosystem. Then came 2nd gen which was my attempt to create a visually improved site with all my projects as portfolio, it was a Jekyll solution hosted direclty at Github, neat. 3rd gen was the change I needed for better posting, managing the site was giving me headaches thus I tried Ghost. When translation became impossible with Ghost came my decision to migrate to Gatsby, which is the site you see right now. Make yourself confortable while I load back all my old posts, my portfolio, while adding new content.

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[QuickTips] One way to simplify theming your Apps

The need of themes is part of a developer's life, here I present a way of using multiple themes in iOS with Swift.


[QuickTips] UIScrollView Screenshot on iOS (Swift)

How to screenshot the ScrollView content.

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