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The title speaks truthfully, remote work is good but ain’t easy as people are used to thinking. Most of the current companies don’t know how to deal with it and some of them even spread horrible lies difficulting the adoption of this wonderful working style.

I can speak from personal experience that both mindset and a good set of guidelines is of utmost importance to achieve a real decent remote work environment. I’ve already tried to create a guideline myself and to inspire the right cultural mindset through a team and without 100% buy-in that isn’t possible whatsoever.

Despite that, I won’t stop trying and to help those which are trying to find their way to here is a link to download one of the most comprehensive and right to the point guideline I found, Ladies and Gentlemen Trello’s How to embrace remote work ebook.

Here or here

Also, I’d like to leave a link to the amazing books [Remote: Office Not Required] ( and Rework

Stay strong, stay remote.