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From time to time friends keep asking me the same question: Which is the best project management tool you know?
First of all there is no such a thing as the best tool ever to solve a given problem, there are tools and there are problems and we should stick with the stack that solves them.
That said I’d like to share some tools I use or would use.

Remember: they are ordered randomly

###1. Basecamp

This web app is one of the most famous and works pretty well, you have:

  • communication through messages
  • projects
  • file storage
  • to-do
  • calendar
  • a progress timeline which shows everything that happened in a fashion manner

There is no gantt chart and also lacks something like campfire (slack or whatever you please). Still it is indeed a good tool, moreover it is not free, subscription starts at $20/month. (They are giving a trial of 2 months)

###2. Bitrix24

Basecamp’s competitor which has a subscription free layer. Sincerely I never used this one but has a plethora of features, like gantt charts, chat, video chat, HR management and even basecamp migration tool.

Ok the payed layer starts at pricey $99/month yet it costs nothing to pay a visit.

###3. Trello

Do you ever wish a good digital post-it board? Trello is excellent at that. It has:

  • Infinite boards
  • In-card file attachement
  • Organizations
  • Notifications, both Web and Desktop
  • Card watch
  • Card archive
  • Board privacy
  • Collaborattion
  • Mobile app (plenty of versions)

It’s just a simple board tool, but you don’t have to pay and if you are like me, I prefer simple and directed tools over feature crowded ones, Trello is for you.

###4. Zoho Projects

I hear from Zoho by a long time now, yet I never took a chance on their product suite. Zoho Projects seems to be a good solution for project management and has a free subscription layer so you can test it before paying.

  • Gantt charts
  • Timesheet
  • Milestones and tasks
  • Messages
  • Bug tracking
  • Reporting tools
  • Google Apps integration
  • Mobile app for iOS only

Give it a try here.

###5. HuBoard

This mention is special. As much as I love Trello there is only one thing I desired It had: GitHub integration.

Guess what? HuBoard = Trello + GitHub.

Furthermore it has other integrations possibilities like Slack and HipChat.

The down side: $7/month for users or $24/month for companies. Good things are not always free right? And it’s really cheap.

Kudos to my friend Serradura which presented me this one.

What else?

The internet is the house for a myriad of services and tools, payed and free, you just have to know what you’re really looking for.
I’ll leave some finals mentions here I think worth checking:

Also two blog posts I crossed by during my spare time: