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To pick a license for an open source code had been always something difficult for me, sometimes still is a little bit puzzling.

It scares and confuses developers, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Through the years we are able to find lots of useful tools and for this issue is not different.

Here are some good resources to help in the endeavor of license choice.

Is the most practical and informative of my sources, it easily guides the user to the needed license. It has a comparison list and even tells you what to do if you want non-software license.

A good place for non-software licences, it guides you to easily pick the best creative commons combination and it works in multiple languages.

A post by Stephen R. Walli

Stephen does a great job explaining the options, why and when to choose them. I strongly recommend reading his post here.

Even though copyright is not the focus here is better to understand what else is out there in the world.

Life is quite confusing already, with copyright is a little bit more. To make things not that bad check, it is for kids and that is why it is so good, simplicity pays off.

Hey, that’s all for now, share your feelings about all those licenses in the comments or reach me on the social networks, let’s discuss about them.