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Configure properly .gitignore for each project can be a huge problematic job, even more when messed up he comes back to bite us.

Happens a lot…

Happens a lot…

Some of us even keep lists for each tech in order to know what to place in each project. Not a bad way, still not the best of them, I still get lost some times.

And that is when comes good souls to save the world of those in need. Bellow are two sites which have been helpful for me and I hope them save more out there.

The repository from Github itself named gitignore, which contains templates like Swift .gitignore and Android .gitignore.

Second good soul is the site called which works like a search engine but for git ignores and can even be used directly from command line, killer combo.

Bam! Problems solved

Bam! Problems solved…

That’s it, leave more tips regarding this loved file in the comments, share and like to give that push with the force, and that the force be with you. (bad joke I know… couldn’t resist)