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Being a remote developer isn’t an easy task and as such having tools to make things going as smooth as possible is a must.

Deciding which tools can be time consuming so instead of rushing to find them by yourselves I’d like to leave here this list from Laila and a review for some of them from myself.


Best features:

  • It has a multitude of possible integrations and also accept custom webhooks.
  • Beyond chat it can do calls, yet without the conference benefit so is 1 to 1 only, still is better than nothing.
  • You can participate of multiple organizations
  • iOS/Android/Desktop/Web apps for free!


  • After a given number of messages you start to loose history, except if you have payed for the service
  • File limit, which is removed/increased once you have payed
  • No “hangouts” with multiple users unless payed


Best features:

  • Simple drag n’ drop board that servers as Kanban, Scrum or any other task board
  • Multiple users with organization groups
  • Easily archive and recover tasks
  • Online, no installation
  • Totally free!


  • There is no integration with other tools
  • Web only, no internet no app
  • No calendar or gantt or any other management control


Best features:

  • Free
  • Reports with total hours spent and break down by tasks and time periods
  • Projects and tasks control
  • Send email you when task is forgot running


  • Have to type tasks *

Google Drive

Best features:

  • Free up to a given size
  • Share with anyone using gmail
  • Good enough replacement for Microsoft Office


  • The folder organization in really confusing
  • The sharing system is also bad
  • Size limit
  • No encryption

Best features:

  • Free (with possibility of premium version)
  • Web and iOS
  • Good connection and stability
  • Screen share
  • Private rooms


  • iOS app only
  • 8 people per room on free version

My choices

  • Communication: Slack +
  • Organization: Toggl + Trello
  • Documents and Presentations: Prezi + Evernote + GDocs spreadsheets

Although I have my personal preference we are experimenting at my current remote team and I will come with further review of our toolchain.

See ya.